All victims of MEMORY ROBBERY are getting upset at the MEMORY THEFT without their permission or legally valid reason

Though the CYBERCRIMINAL ROBBER goan, sindhi, gujju, shivalli brahmin officials ROBBING the MEMORY of the domain investor will never admit it, they are just like CYBERCRIMINALS, HACKERS, ROBBERS, PICKPOCKETS stealing the trade secrets of a citizen without their permission, without a legally valid reason, causing great losses to the person whose MEMORY they are ROBBING
The domain investor is not the only person who is feeling upset, others whose MEMORY has been ROBBED have also contacted her and told her that they also feel upset at the MEMORY ROBBERY
Yet when the domain investor becomes upset because of the MEMORY ROBBERY, the CYBERCRIMINAL greedy government employees instead of admitting that they are behaving worse than ROBBERS, CRIMINALS, stealing the data of a private citizen, without their permission, are using this to question her mental health