Some indian citizens from poorer communities denied the right to privacy without a legally valid reason

Shocking true news of how some citizens from poorer communities are denied the right to privacy, their fundamental right without a legally valid reason for more than 11 years,so that greedy indian tech, internet companies can CHEAT,EXPLOIT them, steal all their data to become even richer and powerful, get lucrative government jobs only making FAKE CLAIMS of computer work,skills, online investment especially domain ownership.
Specifically the domain investor legally owning this website has been denied the right to privacy without a legally valid reason, her life is converted into a reality show without her permission or offering any kind of compensation,so that 15 google,tata sponsored school dropout, cheater, robber,fraud housewives and other frauds can falsely claim to own her domains, paypal,bank account, savings to get a monthly raw/cbi salary at her expense

the indian government is without humanity, it is intentionally targetting single older women for human rights abuses, denying them the right to privacy, a life of dignity