greedy gujju R&AW employee amita patel can charge Rs 6 lakh per person because government agencies do not ROB her MEMORY illegally like they ROB the goa 1989 jee topper

The domain investor, who is also an experienced webmaster, engineer is making almost no money despite working for 8-9 hours daily, because allegedly BRIBED by iit kharagpur alumni sundar pichai led google, tata the indian and state governments are ROBBING the MEMORY of the goa 1989 jee topper, a harmless single woman engineer and falsely claiming that it belongs to the google, tata sponsored goan call girls, robber, cheater housewives and other fraud raw/cbi employees who do not spend any time doing the computer work, do not invest money in domains, to pay 15 google, tata sponsored CYBERCRIMINAL FRAUD raw/cbi employees a monthly government salary at her expense

yet taking advantage of thefact that the goa 1989 jee topper has no one to help or defend herself against fraud companies like google, tata, cheater shivalli brahmin men like guruprasad, hathwar, kodancha, j srinivasan, mhow monster puneet,goan frauds mandrekar, nayak, caro, goan bhandari pritesh chodankar these fraud CYBERCRIMINAL government agencies are making fake allegations without any proof, they do not even have the honesty to send her a court notice to justify why her MEMORY alone should be ROBBED and shared with others without compensating her , why the government is not ROBBING the MEMORY of other citizens like stock trader amita patel

Usually experts in all other fields are making plenty of money, greedy gujju fraud R&AW employee amita patel can charge Rs 6 lakh per person (who R&AW falsely claims owns this and other domains with fraud news in its never ending frauds ) for training because the indian and state government does not ROB her memory and give it for free to government employees, their relatives and BRIBE givers like panaji sindhi scammer school dropout naina chandan

To cover up their Rs one crore+ financial fraud, horrific human rights abuses, CYBERCRIME on the experienced single woman engineer,the LIAR NTRO, raw, cbi employees, google, tata, indian internet companies, goa government, high status fraud people in panaji are falsely linking the domain investor, engineer with the cruel fraud ntro, raw, cbi employees like mhow monster puneet who HATE her. when the corrupt government employees are aware that the ntro/raw employees have never contacted the engineer at all, never helped her at all.