Options traders make one day profit of Rs 22 lakh, yet are not denied privacy, while domain investor making almost no profit are denied privacy for 11 years

Greedy gujju stock trader Amita patel claims that architect student is making a profit of Rs 22 l+ in options trading, yet refuses to pay for domains.
The domain investor is closely tracking the greedy gujju stock trade amita patel, since ntro, raw, cbi are criminally defaming the domain investor, and allegedly falsely claiming that the stock trader asmita patel, who does not pay for domains, owns this and other domains to pay her a monthly salary. the stock trader amita patel is making a huge amount of money trading Rs 50 lakh profit annually and her students are also making huge profits.
She is claiming that her students are making huge profits
architect – Rs 22 lakh
lawyer – Rs 21.7 lakh
engineer – Rs 9 lakh
HR – Rs 6 lakh
home maker – Rs 4.3 lakh
When amita patel and her students are making a huge profit, can google, tata, indian tech and internet companies, indian government agencies, especially ntro, raw, cbi explain why R&AW employee greedy gujju stock trader amita patel, india’s greatest domain fraudster not purchase domains, including this one legally, relies on brahmin, bania fraud raw/ntro employees led by the mhow monster puneet to make false claims of domain ownership to get india’s most greedy and shameless stock trader a monthly raw salary

This exposes the fraud of ntro, raw, cbi in monitoring the domain investor , who makes almost no profit despite working for 8-10 hours daily,and is denied privacy for 11 years causing great losses, while options traders make Rs 22 lakh one day profit without being questioned or monitored