Due to goa government CYBERCRIME, MEMORY ROBBERY, donation by the domain investor does not remain private, information leaked to people to defame her

News of donation prove that Goa security agencies use stolen MEMORY to spread false rumors, defame the domain investor
There are many people in india, even in goa who are making plenty of money, have a good income from business or profession, salary, no one is ROBBING their MEMORY, only BRIBED by CYBERCRIMINAL sundar pichai led google, tata, indian internet companies, the ROBBER goa security agencies are stealing the memory of the goa 1989 topper without a legally valid reason so that they can falsely claim that their call girl relatives sunaina siddhi, extortionist panaji greedy goan gsb housewife robber riddhi, who do not spend any time are doing the computer work
One example of how thorough the goa security agencies are in robbing memory, is that they do not even allow the donation by the domain investor to remain private
While greedy CYBERCRIMINAL GREEDY INHUMAN FRAUD indian tech and internet companies led by google, tata, ROBBER ntro/raw/cbi employees especially j srinivasan, amita patel have no pity on hardworking older single women who they have CHEATED, ROBBED, EXPLOITED for the last 11 years refusing to help her financially in any way, the domain investor helped a older single woman, donating a small amount to her a few times.

Yet due to the non stop CYBERCRIME, MEMORY ROBBERY in panaji, even the donation did not remain private, it appears that the cybercriminal panaji intelligence and security agencies told everyone about the donation, creating the false impression that the domain investor was telling everyone which upset the old woman, who falsely thought that the domain investor had told everyone. The domain investor does not speak to any one regarding the donation, yet the goa government continues to subject her to human rights abuses, ROBBING her memory without a legally valid reason in panaji, since 2012 and then sharing the ROBBED memory with others

This shows how panaji security agencies are openly involved in CYBERCRIME, using MEMORY ROBBERY to defame the domain investor, create misunderstandings with the people she helps