Government denies privacy to harmless single woman engineer for 11 years based on the lies of ntro/raw employees who HATE her

In one of the biggest cases of human rights abuses in India which the mainstream media is not willing to cover, political parties are not willing to help, the indian government has wasted more than Rs 50 crores of taxpayer money to deny privacy to a harmless single woman engineer for 11 years, based on the complete lies of powerful cruel ntro/raw employees led by the brahmin mhow monster puneet who HATE her, want to destroy her life completely

Since the extremely cruel cunning ntro/raw employees especially brahmin mhow monster puneet realized that he could not cause much harm to the single woman engineer if he was honest about his hatred, using his great acting skills, the fraud puneet falsely claimed that he was a well wisher, representing of the single woman , his btech 1993 ee classmate from india’s top engineering college and she had agreed to the endless human rights abuses he subjected her for the next 11 years, denying her privacy, robbing her memory td.

Initially the single woman engineer who had mainly interacted with honest people in her life till then, kept quiet, believing in the fake stories of help. After 5-6 years, slowly the single woman engineer, realized that the ntro/raw employees were never going to contact her