Having a maidservant denies residents some privacy

Some citizens do not have servants in their home, not because they do not want to pay, but because having a servant will affect the privacy of the person.
Though most people do not realize it, the servant spending 30 minutes to one hour in the house for a few months can get a lot of information about the family, members, appliances and other items in the house and who is coming and going.
It is also advisable to supervise the maidservant while she is doing the work, so that no item is displaced.
So if no family member has time to supervise the maidservant, it is better not to have a maidservant.
The domain investor does not have a maidservant mainly because her privacy is affected, yet the government is ruthless in its human rights abuses on a private citizen, denying her privacy her fundamental right, for 11 years using MEMORY ROBBERY without a legally valid reason