When illiterate caretakers, construction workers are making far more than webmasters, writers, why are government agencies monitoring webmasters, writers

Government agencies are closely monitoring some webmasters, writers since 2010, wherever they go, hacking their computers, falsely labelling them a security threat for making a small amount of money, denying them privacy,stealing data and causing great financial losses
Yet the fact is that in 2022, it can be legally proved that illiterate caretakers, construction workers are making far more than webmasters, writers, yet the government agencies are not monitoring the illiterate caretakers, construction workers, they have privacy and a better quality of life
Caretakers are illiterate yet they are paid Rs 800 for 11 hours a day, most of the time they are free, sleeping or staring into the air,
Daily wage workers are also not very well educated yet they receive Rs 600-800 per day
Masons who are more skilled are making Rs 1200-1500 daily if they work
Anyone evaluating the skills of webmasters, english writers for clients outside india will agree that they are far more skilled compared to caretakers, daily wage workers, masons.Yet indicating a top level fraud in the indian internet sector, fraud companies and officials are belittling, ridiculing the webmasters, writers, falsely claiming that everyone can do the work, making fake claims about their relatives, friends who do not spend TIME, and getting their friends, relatives, monthly government salaries at the expense of the webmaster, writer and domain investor
It is the flawed government policy, of allowing officials like brahmin fraudster j srinivasan to make fake claims about their lazy greedy friends like goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan, nayanshree who do not spend any time doing writing work, do not invest in computers, domains yet get a government salary for making FAKE CLAIMS is the reason webmasters, writers,domain investors are making less money compared to illiterate caretakers, construction workers,
To cover up the financial fraud, labor law violations, governmment agencies are making 100% fake black money allegatios
The indian tech and internet companies show their lack of morals, humanity, honesty,extreme greed, when they refuse to question fraud officials like j srinivasan making fake claims about their lazy greedy cheater friends, like goan bhandari scammer sunaina chodan,to get her monthly government salaries.,